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As one of the leading providers of auto parts, we at Parts Valley make it our top priority to keep your personal information confidential. Rests assure that whatever data you provide about yourself is responsibly kept and is used only for business transactions.

As you sign up to avail our services, you are hereby accepting the terms and conditions as stated in our privacy policy.

• As you buy our products, you will be asked to provide your personal information which includes your full name, home address,    phone number, and credit information. Some of this information will be automatically saved in our system and will be accessed by    our staff for business transactions.

• We also use cookies which uses the information you provided for you to easily send us messages to our web server. This will also    help us give you the assistance you need to make your shopping experience more hassle-free.

• During registration you are given the choice on whether to opt-in to our email notifications or not. Notification will include special offers on our products, account updates and reports, and addressing other concerns regarding your orders.

• The information you provide will also be used as basis for future business partnerships. As we level up there will be instances    where in we'll be selling our stocks to you or us buying some from you.

In case you want to stop receiving notifications and using cookies, you may easily do this just by opting out from the settings or completely changing it.

After providing us with your personal information, please take note that there will be circumstances where we will need to hand down your information. One such instance is during your background check and a mandatory order from any court of law in the country. This is to help protect us, other business entities, and you against possible fraud and credit risk. We are also ready to share your information to companies for further business transaction as long as we have your consent.

Securing Your Information

We value your trust that's why in order to further safeguard your information, we have added these features.

• Using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software for encrypting information upon provision.
• Showing only the last five digits of your credit or bank accounts.
• Using firewall on the website to keep it against unlawful intrusion.

Children and Parts Valley

Please be reminded that we our products are only made available to person 18 years old and above. Those under the said age can only access the website for educational purposes only.

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